Medicinal Mushrooms for HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

Medicinal Mushrooms are scientifically proven to help with symptoms of HPV & Cervical Dysplasia.

Trametes Versicolor (Previously Coriolus versicolor) also know as Turkey Tail Mushroom, is the King of all Mushrooms.

It is commonly used in Asia for boosting the immune system. Most of the research on this mushroom has focused on its immune-enhancing properties in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Recently, it has been studied for its immunomodulating effects on HPV. A study by J. Silva Couto (2006) examined women with CIN I associated with HPV. Half of the women were given 3g/day of Coriolus for a year and the other half received no supplementation. The study found that Coriolus versicolor supplementation over a period of one year substantially increased regression of dysplasia (regression rate 72% vs 47.5%) and induced clearance of the high-risk subtypes of the HPV virus (regression rate 90% vs 8.5%).

During the ‘watch and wait’ phase that typically occurs after patients are found to have abnormal cells/cervical dysplasia on a pap smear from the HPV virus, a proactive approach with targeted nutrient and herb therapy may be considered.


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