Personalized Medicine Leads to Tailored Lifestyle Plans

Personalized Medicine: Tailoring a Lifestyle Plan to Your Genetic and Biochemical Makeup

Why is it that most treatment and prevention plans follow a "one size fits all" paradigm that is based on population averages? We are all unique in our health, risk of disease and response to treatment. Personalized medicine is tailoring health care to each individuals' unique genetic and biochemical makeup and is driving more precise, predictable and powerful health care. With our growing understanding of genetics and genomics and advancements in technology, treatment and prevention plans can now be hyper-personalized to the individual in a way that was never before possible. By learning about your genetic blueprint, biochemistry and blood chemistry, your current state of wellness, organ functionality and predispositions you might have to disease, your health can be more comprehensively understood.

It's important to remember that genes are not our destiny, but they do provide us with information that can help make informed medical decisions, and prevent & aid in the early detection of illness. There are certain diseases that are 100% congenital such as Down syndrome but the vast majority are only partly influenced by genetics and are greatly influenced by lifestyle and environment, aka epigenetics. If someone has a predisposition to disease, it is possible to completely prevent or at least delay its onset through lifestyle choices, nutrition and personalized treatments. By being proactive about your health and by collecting personal health information such as genetics and biomarkers, you can better understand your current state of wellness and your potential health risks. This data can then be used to create a hyper-personalized wellness plan, that focuses both on optimizing your current state of health and preventing the onset of conditions that you may be predisposed to.

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