Fruit & Vegetables vs. Cancer: how much is enough?

High fruit & vegetable intake lowers risk of death by up to 30%

Remember how your Mom always told you to eat your veggies? Well, there was a reason for that. According to new research, getting enough fruit and vegetables in your diet will decrease your risk of death from most causes, especially cancer & cardiovascular. This is important because cancer & cardiovascular disease are the two leading causes of death worldwide. Reducing this risk is relatively easy, and will improve your chances of a long, healthy life.

According to the available data, diets low in fruit and vegetables are among the top five leading risk factors for all chronic disease worldwide.

Here are some highlights from the latest data on Fruit & Vegetables:

  • They help prevent oxidative damage that leads to aging and hardening of arteries

  • They reduce risk of various cancers

  • They reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

  • They help to decrease high blood pressure

  • They help to maintain healthy cholesterol

  • They cause a 10-30% lower risk of all-cause mortality in prospective studies

  • Consumption of more than five servings per day leads to a 26% lower risk of stroke

Pretty impressive, right?

So, exactly how many apples a day does it takes to keep the doctor away? Research shows that you need 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for optimal wellness. We receiver greater benefits from consuming more servings, with a 5-6% reduction in cardiovascular mortality per serving!

Aim for a balance between fruits and vegetables, and a mix between cooked and raw. The jury is still out on whether there is a significant difference between raw and cooked, but there is certainly benefit to both.

There are no limits to how much you can eat. However, it is generally best to aim for more vegetables than fruit in terms of overall servings per day to ensure balanced blood sugar. Be mindful of intake of high sugar fruits like grapes and bananas.


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